Did you know??

They make Gin around here

blog-image      Nelson’s Gin, down the road just the other side of Uttoxeter.


The Gin School Experience Day-Take part in the art of creation

Nelson’s Gin School is a learning, teaching and tasting academy for connoisseurs of gin, or those who simply wish to know more.

Each one day Gin School Experience plays host to a maximum of six students. Their day is spent in a unique environment, learning about the creation of superlative gin. At the same time, they are able to bring personal taste and preferences to the creation of their own unique, signature spirit.

At the end of the day, guests leave with their own 70cl bottle of gin, made from botanicals of their choice. These can be taken from our large and inspiring selection or if preferred, brought from home. Some students collect botanicals on their travels far and wide, distilling the memory of adventure into a gin that reflects their own free spirit.



Forest Gin is distilled by our family in batches of a maximum of 85 bottles at a time. Each bottle contains these key elements:                                                       


Organic Juniper Berries

Organic Coriander Seeds

Superior quality Vanilla pods, Liquorice root, Angelica and others…



Wild Bilberries, Raspberries & Blackberries

Peak District Moss & Ferns

A sprinkling of wild flowers, bark & pine



The softest Forest Spring Water

Collected from a spring 1,200 ft above sea level

An ancient spring in the Peak District